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Freebie!!! 6th Graders Unit 1 | Anagram Worksheets

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Anagram Worksheets are available to download on LearnEng Plus+ . You can even download these worksheets for all units of the 8th Graders / 7th Graders / 6th Graders(first five units for now) !


Download the freebie below!

6th_1_Anagram Activities_All in One + Answer Key
Download PDF • 1.23MB


There are five worksheets of this type for the 1st unit of 6th Graders. Worksheets cover essential vocabulary in the unit. So, all important words of the unit are covered throughout the worksheets.

You need to have a paid membership or buy a worksheet pack to view and download these worksheets. You can check the samples out on LearnEng Plus+ Homepage.

Click to become a VIP member or buy a worksheet pack now!


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