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Freebie!!! Meet Check Up Worksheets by LearnEng Plus+

Check Up Worksheets are available to download on LearnEng Plus+ . You can now download these worksheets for the first units of the 8th Graders / 7th Graders / 6th Graders / 5th Graders.

For now, we offer the first units for each grade, and more will be uploaded soon. You'll be able to download a check up worksheet for each unit according to the curriculum.


Here is a gift for you to meet check up worksheets

Check Up Wsheet 5th Grade Unit 1
Download PDF • 3.91MB

A check up worksheet includes activities to help students improve their reading and writing skills. It consists of two parts: Reading comprehension and unit revision. The worksheet includes an answer key, too.

You need to have a vip membership  to view and download these worksheets. You can check the samples out on LearnEng Plus+ Homepage.

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