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Freebie!!! 8th Graders - Match Up Worksheets | Definitions

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Definitons | Match Up Worksheets are available to download on LearnEng Plus+ . You can even download these worksheets for all units of the 8th Graders.


Download the freebie below!

Definitions_Match the Words with the Definitions
Download PDF • 22.08MB

There are eleven worksheets of this type for the 1st unit of 8th Graders. Each worksheet covers 10 words and definitions. So, all important words of unit 1 are covered throughout the worksheet.

You need to have a paid membership or buy a worksheet pack to view and download these worksheets. You can check the samples out on LearnEng Plus+ Homepage.

Click to become a VIP member or buy a worksheet pack now!


8th Graders
8th Grade Unit 1 Friendship


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